Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yarn Porn

To begin with, I love to order stuff off the internet. And since I started knitting, well, a lot of stuff has been purchased. I got a package from Knitpicks and got the size US 1, 2, and 3 double point needles. Still haven't worked with them yet but I have heard a ton of good stuff about them and I want to start making socks one day so there you go. I also got a set of size 5 needles, some black, orange and white merino wool that has already been made into a super secret project that will be revealed one day. Oh, and when I ordered my swap partners Manos for her scarf I also ordered some Crystal Palace Taos that will be a cabled scarf for myself.

These beautiful stitch markers came from Amy over at If anyone reads this and has not seen these they are so cute. I wanted to keep both sets but I didn't, I sent the pumpkins to my ISE pal. So keep an eye out on Amy's site 'cause they are so cute!! I want some more but have been holding back and trying to keep to a somewhat budget.

I have some more porn but my dial up SUPER slow so I guess it will have to wait another day. I am such a bad blogger.............

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Corn Maize 2006

Yep, that's right. That's part of the corn maze. We had a lot of fun, but I think that I liked hanging out with everyone as opposed to the actual maze part.

This is the birthday girl's pregnant belly (20 5/7 weeks). I don't think that she would really want me to post a picture of a her face, so I thought just a belly shot would do. I really hope that if I ever have kids I stay little like that too. You look great b-day girl!!!!

And of course, it really wouldn't be a trip if I didn't drag along Lindsey, my bestest friend in the whole world. Scott couldn't go because he had to work and then he went hunting. There were refreshments at the maze, so of course, we both bought a bag of cotton candy, drinks, & a chicken sandwich which was really good. Until we both ate ALL the cotton candy and everything else. I finished mine first and started to feel a little sick. Lindsey proceded to eat all of hers as well and by the time we got halfway back home we had to pull over so she could vomit. Just like old times (Lindsey is almost always good for a story that involves her puking. She gets car sick - alot!)

There was also a "petting zoo" at the maze, and I use that term very loosely. It involved a sheep, a goat, and one small pig all crowded together in a dog pen. And they smelled so bad I almost threw up. GROSS!!!! I have a better petting zoo than that at my house. Anway, we had a good time and now I am going to iron some clothes for work since the weekend is almost over :(

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I got my scarf from my swap pal!!!! Squueeee!!!!! My package came Wednesday and I am such a bad blogger that I am just now getting the pictures posted. The scarf is 100% alpaca and it feels so nice and soft. Not only that but the pattern is beautiful. She also sent me some chocolate, 3 postcards, a lightup Nemo pen, and 3 SKEINS OF YARN (elann Devon)!! I actually ordered that same yarn last week, but in a different colorway. I must say that this swap has been terrific. I am still working on my partners scarf because I am slow and haven't had a lot of time to work on it. I am on my 2nd and last skein of yarn so I should be able to finish it soon especially since I got Sabrina on DVD and the new Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, and Nip Tuck. Plenty of stuff to watch so that I can keep churning out some knittin'.

Now I am on my way to a corn maize to celebrate a friend's birthday but I am going to knit knit knit all day tomorrow. Happy Birthday Leah!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stew Meat

Just got some new stew meat in about 30 minutes ago. And here he is.............

Scott went out into the woods for about 5 minutes before he killed him. This is his first buck ever; he usually shoots doe. Now, I am all for animal rights and protecting animals from cruelty, but I have to admit that I love me some deer meat and I really did not feel sorry for the deer because he had gotten killed. We do eat the meat, and have even given some deer away before to people that were too poor to afford much food, much less meat. So I don't think that it's cruel. Plus, the deer population here in the deep South has gotten TOTALLY out of control. They ate our entire garden this year and insurance in our area has gone up due to the increased number of wrecks that deer cause. Plus, their food supply is lower because there are more of them. So there. Totally justified. And now we have the meat to go into our stew that takes us all day to cook outside in a rather large pot. But it is So worth it.

I do have some knitting news. I finished my blanket last weekend, gifted it yesterday, and forgot to take a picture!!! I have also gotten some packages and worked on my ISE scarf. Alas, after I took the deer pictures my batteries in my camera went dead so pics will be coming later!