Monday, February 12, 2007

I Did IT!!!!!

That's right, as of 2 days ago I finally finally finally got married!!! Yea!!! I think that I am going to like being married. I mean, I love it so far. I still love it even though our house is not done so we are staying with my parents. On our 1st night of marriage, I am apparently such a wild sleeper that my brand spanking new husband had to get in the other bed in our hotel room ('cause the only rooms that were available were double beds & YES we did wait until the last minute to find somewhere to stay & YES we were disillusioned enough to think that we would have our house done in time!).
Not only that, but new hubby wrecked his truck the night before our wedding and it is probably going to have to be totalled. I couldn't find my marriage license the day of our wedding at first, then realized it WAS in fact in my dash, just shoved waaayyyy up in there, and I ripped it.
Oh well.
Today we finally got power hooked up to our new home, but alas, the same stomach virus that infected my sister (also a bridesmaid) the day of our wedding has now infected hubby. I know in my vows I said in sickness & in health, but come on. 2 days and I am already giving out the Zofran and Imodium, and I have already had to clean up puke. I guess this is all just getting me ready to take the good with the bad. God bless him, I love him. Anyway, I think that the virus is starting to affect me now, so I am off to lay on the couch away from the new spouse, so we don't make it worse with the sickness. Next post hopefully will contain pics, either of the wedding or the house, and quite possibly KNITTING (which has really taken a backseat in my life lately. And no, the shawl is still on the needles.)