Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stew Meat

Just got some new stew meat in about 30 minutes ago. And here he is.............

Scott went out into the woods for about 5 minutes before he killed him. This is his first buck ever; he usually shoots doe. Now, I am all for animal rights and protecting animals from cruelty, but I have to admit that I love me some deer meat and I really did not feel sorry for the deer because he had gotten killed. We do eat the meat, and have even given some deer away before to people that were too poor to afford much food, much less meat. So I don't think that it's cruel. Plus, the deer population here in the deep South has gotten TOTALLY out of control. They ate our entire garden this year and insurance in our area has gone up due to the increased number of wrecks that deer cause. Plus, their food supply is lower because there are more of them. So there. Totally justified. And now we have the meat to go into our stew that takes us all day to cook outside in a rather large pot. But it is So worth it.

I do have some knitting news. I finished my blanket last weekend, gifted it yesterday, and forgot to take a picture!!! I have also gotten some packages and worked on my ISE scarf. Alas, after I took the deer pictures my batteries in my camera went dead so pics will be coming later!