Saturday, September 30, 2006

A lot has been going on lately!! I finally ordered and got my new computer and now have it all set up. I have also ordered yarn from 2 different places for my ISE partner, and have received one package.

I got some Manos, and started a My So Called Scarf on US 11's. However, the scarf kind of felt like a mat or something woven. I got on some discussion boards and someone said that they had this same problem but they started over with some US 13's. So I ripped mine out too and am about to start over. Still haven't recevied yarn from Knitting Garden and it has been like 3 weeks now. I have only ordered from them 1 time before and the same thing happened with the delayed shipping. I like the yarn I got from them the time before but I have issues with their shipping. Maybe I am the only one, I don't know.

I also got another package in the mail and received..........

I have been wanting Scarf Style for quite some time now and with the swap I finally had some excuse to get it. There are some lovely scarves in the books and I want to make a several of them, but they are on hold for the moment. I also looked through the Knitted Toys book and I think that there are several things that I can make from leftover yarn, so there can be some stash busting involved. Yeah!!!