Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Life is when you catch the early flight home from Denver.......

So I have still been working on the baby blanket, but I am hating the 10 ROWS of moss stitch over 167 stitches. Feels like it takes forever. So the other day I was over at Charity's blog where she posted about something called the Norwegian Purl. Now with this method, the purl stitch is worked into the back of the needle. In Denmark and Switzerland apparently this method is very common. I had never heard of it but I am going to give it a whirl if it will make the moss stitch any easier, because I love the way it looks but hate to do it. Go figure. Anyway, the link is and I am sure that most people know about Knitting Help. I like this site because there is a little explanation over to the side of the picture, but once you click on the picture a video appears. Great for visual learners.

To help pass the knitting time I have been listening to some podcasts. Now, I haven't been a big podcast listener, but the other night I downloaded one of Pixie's podcast and when me and Scott were on the mountain I listened and really liked it. I have since downloaded some more, and have been searching for other podcast. I downloaded iTunes, which I have heard is really easy to use, and when it started installing a screen popped up saying that I had to have Windows 2000 or XP. Guess what? I have neither!!! I run Windows ME, duh. Should have read the fine print. Anyway, go check out Pixie Purls and if anyone knows of any other knitting podcast then let me know because I have found a whole nother realm of knitting!!!!

I leave you with this ............... what I look at in the hammock of the back yard where my future home will be.