Thursday, June 22, 2006

I almost forgot that I have a FO!!! I don't know how, since I have a really serious problem with finishing stuff. Anyway, it's not knitting but cross stitch.

A tea towel for my mom, that she ironed and hung on the washstand. It also matches her blue Rowe pottery. I thought it was cute!

So once I did actually finish something of course I started this..........

It's a baby blanket for a co-workers grandchild. I usually don't do baby blankets 'cause they take SO long and I get tired of it very quickly. In fact I am already tired of it and I only have 6 inches done. I still have 28 inches left ................... I got the pattern from Leisure Arts Our Best Knit Baby Afghans. Lots of really cute afghans, plus I only paid a few dollars for the book from Ebay. AND the yarn is Lion Brand's Pound of Love. That's right, 16 ounces of yarn for less that $10 bucks. Yes it's acrylic, but soft and not like Red Heart. Ugh!!!