Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wedding Blast 2006

Well I finally got my camera back and downloaded my pictures to my computer. Jen's wedding was a blast!!!!!!!! We has so much fun. Friday night was the rehearsal. Me and Amy stayed up all night (we're 3rd shifters) but Jen got some sleep thanks to her mom giving her a Tylenol PM.
Me and Amy met at Panera Bread Saturday morning for some good 'ol bagels and coffee and we both showed up wearing this.........

TOTALLY unplanned. Yeah right you're thinking? So did the girl at Panera. But I did have on red flops and Aims had on black. Whatever, we were comfortable AND cute.

The girls getting their hair did

After our hair appointments it was makeup and to the church!!!

While everyone was getting ready the baby of the wedding group had a wonderful time with my lotion bottle in the floor.

She really was the best baby EVER and smiled and laughed and slept. Scott said that if we ever had kids he wants them to act like her. From my lips to God's ears......

And then the appearance of the bride!!!

I was really happy for Jennifer but very glad that the ceremony was short. I had never been in a wedding before and I guess I didn't realize how long you seem to be standing in front of a church full of people. Honestly 5 minutes feels like 2 hours. Another of life's lessons...........

After the wedding of course came the PARTY!!!!!

You can just look at Aims & note that we had a wonderful time. No shoes, dance music, Scott thinking he was DJ Clue..what more does a girl need ;)

And Cake!!!!!

We all had a good time and I hope that Jennifer & Daniel are very happy together. They are spending their honeymoon on a cruise to some place tropical and warm.......................lucky stiffs!