Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kool Aid Yarn

Just thought I'd post a little progress. I did get started on Scott's sweater sleeves & decided to make 2 at a time because I knew that once I got finished with one I wouldn't want to do the other.

I also had my 1st dyeing experience the other night and while my lime green Kool Aid skein did not come out to be one solid color, I still like it. I really didn't stir it like I should have so the bottom of the skein got darker than the top so it's a little varigated. It's hard to tell in the pictures but trust me, it is.

I was SO excited to finally dye some yarn that I cut the strings that hold it together as a skein and just threw it in the pot!!! So then I got this .....

Yeah, took me like 6 hours to untangle it, but I did get the ENTIRE thing done.
I did a little better with the pink lemonade skein, and I left it tied on each end. I think I will call this color way Pretty In Pink. Not very original I know but I do just love that movie:)