Sunday, May 14, 2006

100 Things About Me

100 Things About Me.............

1. My birthday is September 23rd.
2. I was born in Georgia.
3. I have never moved out of my town & have lived on the same road since I was
4. I was raised by a Baptist father & Pentecostal mother. I go to both of their churches.
5. My fiance Scott is my 2nd cousin's ex-husband.
6. I didn't know this when we met.
7. I have a multitude of family.
8. I love Scott VERY much and can't wait to get married.
9. I am the oldest of 4 children.
10. I am sister to Joseph, Hannah, & Abbye.
11. My parents have only been married one each other. They're still married today.
12.I have no children.
13. I'm not sure I want any anytime soon.
14. But we do have 6 dogs, 4 cats, 3 rabbits, and 3 goats.
15. I have been lactose intolerant since I was born. It makes me have GI explosions.
16. I had reflux so bad when I was a baby I would retch across the room and could hit the wall with my vomit.
17. Mom said it was like the Exorcist.
18. I love to read.
19. I read a book to my class on my 1st day of kindergarten.
20. I am afraid to swim in the ocean.
21. I HATE fish; I don't eat them, swim with them, or walk past their aquariums in the pet store.
22. I do love to eat shrimp though
23. Potatoes are my favorite food
24. I eat them everyday in some shape, form, or fashion.
25. I am going to buy me and Scott motorcycles one day.
26. No crotch rockets though because Scott got arrested when he had his.
27. For popping two wheelies in the middle of town.
28. I have brown hair and hazel eyes.
29. Everyone in my family has brown or black hair and I mean EVERYBODY
30. Except Scott, he's blond
31. I am no longer allowed to use power tools because I gashed my leg open with one.
32. I love to eat potato chips
33. Especially at my bed
34. My grandmother is also a night eater & that is what I inherited from her.
35. It took me 7 years to graduate from college.
36. I only have an associates degree.
37. I was 1 semester from having my BSN & I walked out. I never went back.
38. I changed majors.
39. I waited tables and worked at a hospital during college.
40. I'll never wait tables again unless I am starving to death because I am so poor.
41. I like to cook.
42. I REALLY like to eat.
43. I played the flute and piccolo in high school.
44. I was 1st chair.
45. I won 1st place in my middle school art fair.
46. Twice.
47. I can't draw to save my life.
48. I am very organized.
49. I make "to do" lists all the time
50. for everything
51. daily
52. I learned to knit from a RN in newborn nursery at work.
53. Incorrect punctuation and misspelled words make me want to slit my throat.
54. Scott cannot spell ................ at all
55. I love TV on DVD especially LOST, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, & Gilmore Girls
56. I love Coca Cola
57.I must drink at least one can of Coke whenever I wake up.
58. I don't like to exercise.
59. I hate to be hot or sweat.
60. I love washing dishes because it makes them all clean & shiny.
61. I feel very good about my life as long as my toilet is clean.
62. Then Scott comes in 5 minutes later and messes it up.
63. I want to own my own yarn shop.
64. There is no LYS in my area.
65. I live in the middle of nowhere.
66. I love reading other people's blogs.
67. It inspires me.
68. I can't get into reality TV. In fact I hate it.
69. I broke my arm riding a bike when I was 5.
70. I fell off.
71. My yarn stash is so big I had no idea what I had.
72. So I made a list. It was ridiculously long.
73. I love watching dog shows on Animal Planet.
74. I can watch the same dog show over & over, even though I know who will win.
75. I wish I could win the lottery so that I could quit work.
76. I have a very addictive personality.
77. I am addicted to buying yarn, knitting books, needles, notions, etc.
78. I have never been out of the South.
79. I want to travel outside of my region.
80. I wish my nose was pierced.
81. I love our hammock.
82. It's the only thing we own on Scott's land.
83. Except for the grill.
84. Only 2 things on 10 acres of land.
85. I love shopping online -,,,,,, & the list goes on .
86. I learned to crochet in 5th grade.
87. Haven't done it since.
88. I am going to learn .......... again.
89. I have been swimming since I was 2.
90. I love to swim ........ in pools.
91. I weighed 98 lbs when I met Scott.
92. I gained 40 lbs. in less than a year.
93. I am still fat.
94. We have been together since 2003.
95. I always clean my table up before I leave a restaurant.
96. So does my best friend Lindsey.
97. I organize my credit cards alphabetically in my wallet.
98. I want a tattoo but have no idea what I would get.
99. I love old farmhouses & antique furniture.
100. We are going to build a rustic log cabin style house in the mountains. At least it has big porches .........................