Thursday, April 27, 2006

Starting the GG

I got my yarn for the GG KAL!!!! I got the Cotton Fleece in Dusty Sage and I think that I will definitely use this yarn for other projects cause I REALLY like it :)

I couldn't wait until the May 1st to start because I have to start studying for my registry so I went ahead, casted on, and got past the lace part in 1 day!!! For many people this may not seem like much but for me, this was an accomplishment; I am not the fastest knitter......

I hope that I can hurry and get this done quickly because I really have to start studying for my registry. I am putting it off until next week because Jen's wedding is this weekend so I figured there wasn't much use to start studying yet with all the wedding excitement.

This is just a nature shot of the GG at our pond where we went fishing yesterday. Scott caught a little tiny brim but didn't want the picture posted on my blog, but I will leave this post with some shots I took while we were fishing. Enjoy!!!

NOTE: I know that S didn't want his pic posted but if he looks at this then let me remind him that this doesn't even show his face, only a partial body shot, so I don't think that this counts as me posting a picture of him!!