Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Not much knitting to report, but hopefully I will get some done today because I stayed home from clinicals. I decided since county schools were delayed and I had some extra time built up I would just stay at home. I thought I would just post some pics though. This is the screen of my ultrasound machine. On the screen is a picture of the heart, because that's what I am going to school to do; cardiac ultrasound or echocardiography. AND we only have 6 weeks exactly until GRADUATION!!!!! I am so excited I can't stand myself :)

This is me on an ultrasound table in the school lab. We were doing leg ultrasounds and Melissa got a little crazy with the probe and then Heather took this picture because we all laughed and thought it looked like I was doing something inappropriate. We have since named this the "boner picture", and I am told that it will be a part of the graduation slide show ;)

And last but certainly not least this cutie is my future husband. Hopefully future as in sometime this year after I graduate from school and get a real paying job. We have some land on top of a mountain and are going to build a beautiful house together, as long as we don't kill each other first.

I am off to knit so that I can post more in the very near future and hopefully get done with a million projects I have lined up. I really need to de-stash but I have projects for all of my yarn and it would kill me to get rid of it!!!!!