Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knitting Friends

Just thought I would post some progress pics. Not any progress on mine but I did have some pictures of some of my school friends whom I taught to knit, and who doesn't love a blog with pictures?

This is Mandy & she is working on her diagonal knit blanket

Leah, who is SO proud of her scarf and which has since been frogged and made better.

Melissa; not having a good day but another great knitty girl :)


This is really what I do on class.............knit :) I only have school on Mondays now to review for my registry so not a lot of extra knitting time. Well, must cut this one short since I am at work and 1st shift will be here shortly & I am so tired I might DIE!!!! 3rd shifters can identify with me on this one.